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Red wine is among the healthiest ways one can indulge in alcohol. One of the main reasons is red wine has a polyphenol called resveratrol, a key anti-oxidant which has been shown to reverse the aging process. It also has anti-cancer potency. Recently resveratrol was also shown to aid in weight loss too.  Seems this […]

Many people had great results for reducing stress, anxiety and depression using Tension Rx by Biochem. The reason was Tension Rx featured a special form of GABA called phenyl-GABA. Unfortunately Tension Rx is no longer available on the market.
Gabatrol has the same active ingredient as the Tension Rx formula, plus much more. Gabatrol features phenyl-GABA (4-Amino-3-Phenylbutyric Acid) but goes one step further than Tension Rx by adding an array of ingredients that compliment the formula.