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Red, Red Wine....Red wine is among the healthiest ways one can indulge in alcohol. One of the main reasons is red wine has a polyphenol called resveratrol, a key anti-oxidant which has been shown to reverse the aging process. It also has anti-cancer potency. Recently resveratrol was also shown to aid in weight loss too.  Seems this potent polyphenol does a lot of good things.

People often eat too much and get fat in the first place because they indulge. Emotional or ‘binge’ eating are rampant in todays high stress world. Eating is one way people try to make themselves feel good. And typically these comfort foods are high in fat and sugar. Which makes many gain weight.

Drinking alcohol is another way people cope with stress. Unfortunately, like eating too much junk food, drinking alcohol often leads to weight gain amongst other health conditons. Sure, studies show drinking small amounts (1 drink or so) can actually reduce stress, but this is more a reflection of just how stressed people are these days. It takes a drug like alcohol to help them.  Its like studies showing coffee has anti-oxidants; sure it does but very small amounts. The fact that people get their anti-oxidants from coffee is more a reflection of just how poor their nutrition status is.

Resveratrol may help lose weight, but the amounts in red wine is far too little to achieve this. And red wine in small amounts is acceptable and probably wont compromise your health in significant amounts. But its a poor way to reduce stress, and consuming more than around 1 glass may lead to weight gain and other issues.

If you want to reduce stress and emotional or ‘binge’ eating, consider Gabatrol. It has almost no calories, and can effectively help you control stress and emotional eating with no side effects.  Plus the amino acids in Gabatrol are healthy for you!

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Tension Rx for stress and mood issues

Tension Rx - now replaced by Gabatrol

Many people had great results for reducing stress, anxiety and depression using Tension Rx by Biochem. The reason was Tension Rx featured a special form of GABA called phenyl-GABA. Unfortunately Tension Rx is no longer available on the market.
Gabatrol has the same active ingredient as the Tension Rx formula, plus much more. Gabatrol features phenyl-GABA (4-Amino-3-Phenylbutyric Acid) but goes one step further than Tension Rx by adding an array of ingredients that compliment the formula.
Kanna (sceletium): this rare herb from South Africa has potent effects on serotonin and dopamine. As such it can reduce stress, anxiety and depression and can even help control binge or emotional eating. Most people gain weight due to emotional eating – eating so called ‘comfort foods’.
Phenyl-GABA works on the brain neurotransmitter GABA, but we added L-theanine for enhanced effects on GABA. Theanine also increases feel good alpha brain waves.
Tyrosine: another amino-acid that can increase dopamine.
Taurine & Glycine: these amino-acids help to stabilize electrical signals across neurons. The result is better brain performance, resulting in less stress & anxiety, and also improved cognitive enhancement.
Try Gabatrol today! Feel the superior results as you reduce stress, anxiety and depression and get all you want out of life with far greater ease. Everything is easier when you have less stress, so you owe it to yourself to optimize your performance in the game of life!

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